When everyone zigs, you zag.

There is no brand problem you can’t find five ways to solve.

You hate a misplaced comma as much as a misbegotten strategy.


You never use a hundred words when ten will do.


You never use ten when a picture will do.


You have a keen eye for bullshit, and a keener eye for ideas.


Hidden possibilities aren't safe in any room with you.


To your team, you’re endless energy—you bring it every day.


You’re headed for a seat at the table. No, the BIG table.


You’re a Level C brand master.



Marty decided to be a graphic designer at age seven.


In college, he took leave of his senses and auditioned for the Monkees (no luck).  


In 1984 he and his wife drove a U-HAUL truck to a new life in Silicon Valley.

He nearly ran over Steve Jobs in the street (close one!).

A magazine he published on design thinking nearly broke him.

He discovered a genius for business strategy (alas, too late).

By accident, he wrote a book read by 23 million people.

He co-founded Level C to teach you what NOT to do.


Andy studied literature and moonlighted as a drummer.
He’s still confused.

He jammed with James Taylor but couldn’t keep the gig.


Fell into branding through THE BRAND GAP, written by
some dude.

Won some awards, met the Pope, developed a coffee jones.


Dreamed of workshops with real credentials. Called the BRAND GAP dude.

Believes branding > marketing, and that playing it safe sucks.


He co-founded Level C to help you scare the shit out of people.

Misses his family vineyard. Self-medicates with spaghetti.