Masterclass 1 kicks off brand mastery with principles and frameworks for DISRUPTIVE THINKING—the foundation for modern branding. This interactive workshop is designed to get you comfortable with being uncomfortable, and confident with rapid difference-making.

Level up with like-minded branders to command core disciplines of DIFFERENTIATION, COLLABORATION, INNOVATION, PROTOTYPING, and CULTURE. Package your disruptive project using branding frameworks in a Mission: Impossible set of conditions, and put an exclamation point on the whole learning experience with a series of structured critiques of your thinking and work.


  • Definitions and meanings: the language of brand

  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

  • Rapid and disruptive ideation

  • Principles of Design Thinking + Design Doing

  • Introduction to brand valuation

  • The balance between marketing + mattering

  • Powerful ways to differentiate a brand

  • Bridging the gap between right & left brain thinking

  • The real differences between branding and marketing

  • Onlyness: a foundation for strategic thinking

  • Divergent + convergent thinking

  • How to design for the "natural reading sequence"

  • How to quick-test prototypes

  • Effective approaches to making presentations


Pricing: $1500-2250

Length: 20+ Hours

Format: Zoom

Cert: Brand Specialist

Pre-Requisite: None





Masterclass 2 is a mind-bending exploration of STRATEGIC THINKING for brand and business.

We define what strategy really means and how to design it. Problems are framed (and reframed) so that the best solutions drive the right decisions.

We'll run the Strategy Gauntlet—a series of pressure tests you can use to measure and strengthen strategic ideas. And, we'll introduce principles and actionable case studies of Judo Strategy.

You'll finish Masterclass 2 with an advanced mindset in strategy to compete and win against any size competitor. And, you'll wear a new badge of strategic mastery.


  • Bulletproof definitions of (brand) strategy

  • The 7 questions framework for designing strategy

  • The roles of inputs, insights, and implications

  • Framing a problem for best solutions & decision-making

  • Customer design as a strategic advantage

  • Narrative design as a strategic framework

  • How to think about and design strategic positioning

  • The positioning principle of ONLYNESS

  • A critique of Red Queens and Blue Oceans

  • The Strategy Gauntlet: pressure-testing strategic ideas

  • The brand combatant's approach to Judo Strategy

  • Framing, drafting, and presenting strategy statements

  • Powerful case studies of successful (and terrible) strategies for brand


Pricing: $2000

Length: 24+ Hours

Format: Online

Cert: Brand Strategist

Pre-Requisite: Masterclass 1



Masterclass 3 sets you up for higher-level brand management by exploring the structural and functional elements of brand, and framing brand architecture in the context of customers—this is DIMENSIONAL THINKING for brand and business.

Master the dimensions of a brand, how they fit together to form its architecture, and how you can design that architecture for competitive advantage. We'll focus heavily on the role of value design: communicating, delivering, and capturing it.

We'll move beyond just "brand" by connecting its architecture to the broader business architecture. Then, you'll roll up your sleeves to practice applying everything you've learned in a 3-day collaborative sprint.


  • Vitruvian principles of brand architecture

  • The architectural relationships between a brand and its business

  • A METASKILL'd framework for designing brand architecture

  • The brand architect's role in executive leadership

  • Value Propositions: the center of brand architecture

  • Rules of value

  • Auditing value

  • Designing value

  • Defensive strategies for brand architecture

  • Using brand architecture in business modeling

  • Killer case studies for reference and action


Pricing: $3000

Length: 30+ Hours

Format: In-Person

Cert: Brand Architect

Pre-Requisite: Masterclass 2



Masterclass 4 will explore PROFITABLE THINKING to frame the green of brand.


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Masterclass 5 will go beyond and come full circle.

After disruption, strategy, architecture, and value, we'll tie it all together with AESTHETIC THINKING—the design of brand and business at the highest level.


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