Today’s widespread unemployment is not a jobs crisis. It’s a talent crisis. Technology is taking every job that doesn’t need a high degree of creativity, humanity, or leadership. The solution? Stay on top of the Robot Curve—a constant waterfall of obsolescence and opportunity fed by competition and innovation. Here are the five metaskills—feeling, seeing, dreaming, making, and learning—that will accelerate your success in an age of nonstop innovation.

Warning: Unlike my other books, this one is not a quick read. It goes deep under the hood of human creativity to bring back insights to the future of business innovation. To see were your creative skills are strongest, take the 10-minute Metaskills Quiz.

Who should read it:

METASKILLS is designed for leaders in education, government, business management, and human resources. It may also interest creative practitioners who want to go deeper into design thinking, or gain a competitive edge in their fields. For most practitioners, I recommend THE 46 RULES OF GENIUS, a “quick-start guide” to the insights in METASKILLS.  

METASKILLS is a rousing manifesto of mastery in a connected world.” —Suzie Reider, brand director, Google

The success of all future leaders will depend on their ability to innovate—Neumeier’s book provides a critical roadmap.” —Paul Witkay, CEO, Alliance of Chief Executives

Great read. We’re ready for this!” —Deborah Morrison, Fast Company