Masterclass 2 drills down into the most powerful discipline of brand-building: DIFFERENTIATION

Learn how to define a compelling difference between your brand and competing brands, so that the company and its customers have a clear understanding of the brand's competitive advantage.

We'll define what brand strategy really means and how it drives differentiation. We're going to hone in on problem framing and landscape mining so that the solution drives the right decisions. We'll focus on the structure of both strategy and storytelling, how they're related, and the implications for tactics and execution. 

You'll leave the course with the tools to compete and win against any size competitor. And, you'll be wearing a new badge of strategic mastery. 




This next-level course is for Level C Certified Brand Specialists who want to dial up their strategic talents and play a more strategic role within a company or with their clients. If you want to plan and lead successful brand initiatives, this is the masterclass for you.

You're already ahead of the branding game, and you have a drive to apply critical thinking and storytelling to the challenges of brand-building. 



  • A new definition of strategy for a hyper-connected world

  • The brand combatant's approach to STRATEGIC JUDO

  • Why brand is now the strongest barrier to competition

  • How to use radical differentiation to cut through market clutter

  • The importance of categories in determining brand strategy

  • How to combine brand strategy and design thinking for dynamic outcomes

  • How to frame a problem so the solution drives the right decisions

  • The power of emerging trends to give brands free momentum

  • How to apply the five Ps and five Qs of agile strategy

  • How to find untapped white space in the market

  • How to use an ONLYNESS statement to create a testable value proposition

  • The power of tribal loyalty in strengthening brands

  • How to use the good/different chart to predict success or failure of an idea

  • The role of sacrifice in keeping brands and companies focused

  • How to use opposition research to inform and update strategies

  • The strategic importance of the right pricing model

  • How to manage the "gives and gets" of the brand ecosystem

  • The benefits and dangers of FIRST-MOVER ADVANTAGE

  • How to compete and win against any size company

  • What can turn loyalty programs into disloyalty programs

  • The four dangers faces by brand portfolios and how to avoid them

  • How to build a "two-stage rocket" to escape a dying market

  • When a "brand ladder" works better than sales funnel

  • How to extend a brand without breaking it




College degree or equivalent work experience

Masterclass 1: Brand Specialist certificate




ZAG by Marty Neumeier

SCRAMBLE by Marty Neumeier