Five levels of training. Five badges of mastery.




Level C is the only professional credentialing program in brand taught by Marty Neumeier, the world’s leading expert in branding. His acclaimed book THE BRAND GAP has influenced 23 million readers, category-leading brands, and methods of modern business. 


Our five-tier series of masterclass teaches core principles of brand-building across the disciplines of design, strategy, management, education, and leadership. Each masterclass will focus on a specific area of brand, building on the level that came before it.


Level C is not an online paper mill. It’s not a pay-to-play résumé-filler. And it's not an alternative MBA. 


It's not an alternative anything.

It’s a series of live, interactive workshops designed to guide you toward true brand mastery. You’ll get in deep with strategists and creatives, managers and makers across business landscapes as you teach and learn from each other—all while expanding your network and taking your place in a global tribe of branding rock stars.



Using a specialized whiteboard workbook, you'll work through carefully designed, team-oriented exercises. In a collaborative—and competitive—setting, you’ll get hands-on and apply powerful concepts to hypothetical and real-world examples.


At the end of each workshop you’ll be tested to prove your mastery of the material. Pass the class and automatically qualify for the next level.


That’s the real value of each Level C credential. You’ll earn your badge. Level up to the next course and master your way to a seat at the table as a Chief Brand Officer or thought leader in a brand-related domain.