Why customers now run companies—and how to profit from it

by Marty Neumeier

Brand Flip.jpg

The rise of branding, now fueled by social media, has placed the future of companies firmly in the hands of customers. This is the brand flip, a pan-industry judo throw that’s taking down some companies raising others to the status of superstars. The Brand Flip shows you how to make the leap to a consumer-driven future with lightness, power, and grace. Transform your brand into a mini-movement—one that customers will eagerly co-create, grow, and nourish with profits.

This book contains useful new tools such as the Brand Commitment Matrix and the Brand Commitment Scale, which together can help you flip your brand into lasting-success mode.

Who should read it:

The Brand Flip is great for brand strategists, designers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, startup founders, and marketing directors. It’s the fourth in my “whiteboard overview” series. If you’ve only read The Brand Gap, you can skip right to this one. Or, you can start with this one and read the others as needed. 

An exhilarating dive into the big new truth: companies don’t make brands, customers do.”—Robert Jones, strategist at Wolff Olins, professor at the University of East Anglia

Marty Neumeier brilliantly groks how changes in the “human capital” of customers can transform the brand equity of products and services.” —Michael Schrage, research fellow at MIT Sloan School, author of WHO DO YOU WANT YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BECOME?

Get smart: Read The Brand Flip and learn a) why customers want to take over your company, and b) how to help them do it.”  —Greg Petroff, Chief Experience Officer, GE