An innovator's guide to creativity

by Marty Neumeier

46 Rules.jpg

There’s no such thing as a born genius. Anyone who has reached that exalted state has arrived there by design. But simply wanting to get there is not enough. A would-be genius also needs a theoretical framework, a basic compass, a set of principles to guide the way forward. The 46 Rules of Genius compresses the wisdom of the ages into the first “user manual” for creative brilliance. 

Think of this book as the quick-start guide to the principles in Metaskills. It takes only a couple of hours to read, but you’ll probably refer back to it from time to time. Use it whenever you get stuck and need inspiration.

Who should read it:

Highly recommended by me for people engaged in any creative pursuit—designers, inventors, business strategists, architects, musicians, researchers, artists, writers, and programmers. Branding is half strategy, half execution. Get this book to make both halves brilliant.

Creativity can be hard work, but it just got easier with Neumeier’s clear-thinking guidelines.” —Tom Kelley, partner at IDEO, co-author of CREATIVE CONFIDENCE

Innovators know that unfavorable odds call for unreasonable optimism. Now we also have a toolbox of rules—to play with, refer to…and break.” —John Maeda, design partner at KPCB, author of THE LAWS OF SIMPLICITY

Here are 46 tips that have helped shape our greatest practitioners from every discipline and generation.” —Paula Scher, partner at Pentagram, author of MAKE IT BIGGER